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What are the unique meanings of

HOME in San Francisco?

San Francisco is known for its iconic, vibrant,

and diverse neighborhoods which form the sense

of place and have become a distinguishable

cultural symbol of this city. Historically, it has been

an ideal place to live for people who value the

diversity, culture, and art that makes San Francisco

what it is. More recently, the word “HOME” has

taken on unique meanings in San Francisco, which

includes threats, transitions, and challenges. 

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We introduce local issues and the

history of San Francisco to give 

newcomers a deeper understanding

of the city.

HOME is often defined as a stable, comfortable,

and safe place to live. To San Francisco, the

meaning of HOME is not always stable. Many

people are struggling with the threat of losing 

their homes, and they fight for their HOMEs

even if they still lose them eventually.

We interviewed 10 people who live in the city to talk about 

what HOME means to them.

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“In San Francisco, Silicon Valley’s tech boom has driven up

evictions by 115 percent in the past year.”

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“When you lose the place, you lose the people too. The people make the community. There is no community without the people.

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“Several local historians and academics we talked to pointed out that

if you don’t like San Francisco’s changes right now, just wait a while.

It’s bound to change again, as it always has.”

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We showcase unique characters and features of each neighborhood in

San Francisco to help more people learn

the culture, the legacy, and the people

of their communities.

This month, we showcase one of the most

exciting and interesting neighborhoods in

San Francisco—the Mission District. It has long

been known for its cultural diversity and rich

history, but more recently, it has been facing

the challenge of shifts and displacements.

“Beyond the magic of coming upon any single mural, living in the Mission

means living in what muralist elders call a ‘mural environment.’”

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“San Francisco wouldn’t be San Francisco without its many independent,

locally-owned businesses.”

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“A Changing Mission: To whom does San Francisco’s oldest neighborhood belong?”





We help eliminate the hostility by

showing how tech companies cooperate

with local groups to build a better city

we all call home.

This month, we feature some stories about big

tech companies and their employees who

have devoted themselves to giving back to the

long-term local community.

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“Susannah Shattuck, a young tech professional and a newcomer, provides her solutions to help newly-settled tech professionals find a sense of place.”

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“With Zendesk, they really do want to get involved and to contribute—and not just to follow the letter of the community benefit agreement.”

“Code Tenderloin was born in 2015, now largely funded

through the city’s office of economic and workforce development and

tech companies like Dolby and Twitter.”

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